I am Tawny Owl…

This term at Brownies we are dancing our way around the world.

We are learning new dances and trying out foods from other countries. So far we’ve learned the Charlston and eaten Madjeska. We’ve danced the Pass Doble, swished our matador capes and tried some Mexican foods and in the next few weeks we’ll be Sambaing in Rio at a carnival themed evening, following our dreams ‘Billy Elliot’ style while trying out some ballet and having a good old fashioned ceili to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Last weekend we took over Safari MK Soft Play along with several other units – 85 girls in all who had a fabulous time and slept over so we could play some more after breakfast before going home.

Being a Brownie leader is a great way to stay young at heart. Seven to ten year old girls have a way of keeping you grounded and their boundless enthusiasm and imagination provides endless opportunities to arrange a varied balanced programme of activities to keep them interested.

Brownies want to go to the moon? No problem, we can teach them about the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies or Jaffa cakes and follow up by working on a stargazer badge.

Volunteering as a leader with Girlguiding needs no specialised skills, just some of your time, enthusiasm and an ability to get on with people of all ages. You’ll become part of a team of like-minded adults while helping the girls to fulfil their potential.

Elaine, Brownie Leader, Milton Keynes

Join us…

If you are passionate about helping girls reach their potential and want to give something back to your local community, join us and start an adventure.

Contact us for more information about getting involved, via email or register your details here.


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